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Cuckoo clock, Cucu Sul Ramo

Cuckoo clock, Cucu Sul Ramo

Product no. PIR134

From the "Pirondini" contemporary collection. A bright and colourful clock that literally translated means 'on the branch.'

This Cuckoo clock has a Quartz movement with a Cuckoo call on the hour and the sound of a flowing river with an auto night sensor which silences the clock when the room goes dark.

The dimensions are:

Height 44 cm

Width: 30 cm

Depth: 11 cm

Weight : 2.5 kgs

Batteries: 2 x D/LR20/1.5V

  • Kids/Novelty
  • 27cm / 11″ tall
  • Quartz
  • Cuckoo only
  • Automatic
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