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How to maintain your cuckoo Clock

The mechanical clocks will not require any maintenance for many years. The exact period will depend upon the environment the clock has been running in. Ideally, minimise the amount of dust that can get into the mechanism. Dust will impact on the lubrication and this can lead to ‘wear’ many years down the line.

If you are decorating, sanding, re plastering, or doing any work in the vicinity of the clock that will lead to a dusty environment then move the clock to a more suitable location, or cover the clock.

It will be difficult to prevent any dust getting into and onto the case and this can be annoying if your clock has ‘furniture’ on the sides of the case. One accessory is a can of compressed air – this can be very effective in removing the dust from nooks and crannies. If using this inside the case be careful not to blow too hard or to close to the bellows, usually sited top right and left above the mechanism.

When you position the case it is important that the weights are allowed to run freely down to the floor. Obstacles in the way will cause the weights to rest and if they are not ‘pulling’ they will not function.

Some of the larger clocks can be quite heavy and are likely to be eight day clocks with heavy weights. For this reason they will need to be secured to the wall firmly. A good strong screw safely secured with a raw plug and at least ½ inch proud of the wall should suffice.