About Just Cuckoos

Just Cuckoos Ltd. is the UK’s largest online retailer of high quality Cuckoo clocks. We have been selling cuckoo clocks for more than 10 years and we only sell clocks that are produced in the Black Forest - Germany, which means all our clocks fulfil the quality requirements of the VDS (The Black Forest Association.)

The area in the Black Forest that the clocks are sourced from is Schonach and Titisee-Neustadt. We provide an unrivalled range of clocks, from traditional Chalet, Hunter style clocks, as well as more modern time pieces. The emphasis is on the mechanical clock, available as either a one day or eight day movement, but we also offer a range of high quality Quartz clocks.

Whilst there are several firms in the Black Forest making the whole clock, or part of it, we have selected five manufacturers who are renowned for their high quality workmanship and excellent customer service.

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