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Cuckoo clocks tunes

The majority of clocks made in the Black Forest will run on a Regula mechanism. This is the company renowned in the Black Forest for its high quality cuckoo clock movements.

So, from one maker to another the one day Cuckoo call will sound almost the same for all the one day clocks, and the same will be true for the eight day clocks. The difference between a one day call and an eight day call is that the eight day call is a deeper more mellow sound to that of the one day.

You will also find that clocks with a twin melody will sound very similar, regardless of the manufacturer. The twin melody will be the Edelweiss tune, followed by the Happy Wanderer (Fröhlicher Wanderer).

Below we have installed some sound files that will provide you with an example of the Cuckoo call, and the different melodies.

One day Cuckoo call

Eight day cuckoo call

Twin melody tunes

Melody 1: The happy wanderer
Melody 2: Edelweiss

The above will apply to all of the clocks apart from the Children’s range of Coo clocks that have a very specific sound dependent upon the animal you select and the sound file is found with the description of the clock.