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How to install your Cuckoo Clock

One day mechanical clocks

One day mechanical cuckoo clocks will run with either two or three weights. One weight will make the clock tic the other weight will make the Cuckoo call. If there are three weights, the third weight will run the music and any actions. Ideally the case will need to be positioned about 6 feet off the ground to allow the weights to fall over a 24 hour period. Clocks with a one day mechanism will need to be wound once a day. You can wind more frequently, this will be a personal choice, but failure to wind once a day will result in the clock stopping.

Eight day mechanical clocks

Eight day cuckoo clocks will also run with two or three weights. Each weight does the same as described above for the one day clock. These clocks, if positioned 2m above the floor will run for longer than 6 days, but will not actually run for 8 days. If the case is positioned higher, they will run for longer but they may not be seen quite so well. The term ‘8 day’ is a generic term used by all of the manufacturers in the Black Forest for a clock that runs for more than 4 days. The weights are considerably heavier and as above you can wind more frequently if this is preferable.

Quartz clocks

Quartz cuckoo clocks are driven by batteries. These clocks can be positioned lower if desired as any weights fitted to a quartz clock will be decorative only and will not run down.

Setting up

All cuckoo clocks are delivered with clear instructions - in English - on how to safely install the clock. It is important to read the instructions and follow them.

Please DO NOT unpack, hang the clock and then pick up the instructions!

Here are some simple tips to follow:

Mechanical clocks will arrive with the chains secured, usually with a wire as they come through the case. This wire is holding the chains tight over the cogs and allows for the clock to lay on its back without the chains slipping off the cogs. This wire should not be removed until the clock is secure on the wall.

Mechanical clocks will also have bellow clips, these usually look like a large staple with a red tag. They are found inside the case and are there to protect the bellows whilst the clock is in transit. When you remove the back of the clock you will see the tags and just pull them off. Failure to remove the bellow clips will result in a silent cuckoo!

Finally, mechanical clocks usually have a retaining clip over the cuckoo door. It’s a simple little clip that just needs to be moved to one side to allow the cuckoo to come out.

All the above and much more will be well explained in the instructions that come with your clock.