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Black Forest Farmhouse Cuckoo clock

Black Forest Farmhouse Cuckoo clock

Product no. 5887501P
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This is the official Cuckoo clock of the year for 2004 as certified by the Association of Black Forest (VdS).

The main activity in this clock is the moving Oompah Brass Band with four musicians turning from side to side and the farmer's wife in the traditional Black Forest costume pulling on the fire bell alarm, as the cuckoo calls and the music plays. Another striking feature is the hand laid shingle tile roof with the Bell Tower on top and two matching Dormer windows on either side. Highly decorated with a variety of farm animals and farm side objects.

A truly stunning piece, finished in antique Walnut. The high quality Swiss (Reuge) music plays a twin melody that alternates between Edelweiss and Happy Wanderer. This is a premium model with a 5 year warranty, long life components, Nikel plated chime spring, antique style chains and a wooden know for the manual night shut off.

August Schwer
  • Traditional
  • 45cm / 18″ tall
  • 8 day mechanical
  • Music & actions
  • Manual
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