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Black Forest Farming Estate Cuckoo clock

Product no. 5880001P

This Cuckoo clock has been built to resemble a Black Forest Farming Estate. Many aspects of such a farm are included in the design of this clock. The shape of the building lends itself to various outbuildings and annexes at every angle. A mill wheel is another traditional feature, that turns, with the dancers as the music plays. The mill wheel is a typical feature used to generate power to drive the machines to grind the corn and saw the wood. This clock also features a clock peddler - in the long Winter months farmers would often use their time to carve clocks which they would then carry on their backs from town to town selling them. There is a variety of other farm related decoration that makes this clock a superb piece.The case is finished in an antique walnut finish. 8 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour.The high quality Swiss (Reuge) music plays a twin melody that alternates between Edelweiss and the Happy Wanderer.

A premium model with a 5 year warranty, long life components, Nickel plated chime spring, antique style chains and wooden knob for the manual night shut-off.

August Schwer
  • Traditional
  • 43cm / 17″ tall
  • 8 day mechanical
  • Music & actions
  • Manual
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