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WhinnyCoo Kids Cuckoo Clock

WhinnyCoo Kids Cuckoo Clock

Product no. whinnycoo
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On the hour our wacky horse gallops up and leaps through the doors with a hilarious neigh. The WhinnyCoo horse clock comes in a orange housing with a swinging red pendulum.

 It is possible to repeat the sound by pressing a button on the side. The clock is fitted with a night time sensor so that the character remains quiet when the room go's dark. The clock will require 3 D and 1 AA batteries (not included). 

Please note that as at 10th October 2017 there were only 2 available. So it may be best to check with sales before ordering.

  • Kids/Novelty
  • 30cm / 12″ tall
  • Quartz
  • Cuckoo only
  • Automatic
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