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Quartz Cuckoo clock,  the Goat and Beehives

Quartz Cuckoo clock, the Goat and Beehives

Product no. Q9003
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This Cuckoo clock depicts a much-loved sight around the mountainous regions of Switzerland a goat. This cute little goat, nosing around in front of a Brienz-style chalet on the prowl for a tasty treat, dons a bell around his neck. Up on the balcony you’ll find another very familiar Alpine sight—a pair of beehives.

As with all Loetscher chalet cuckoo clocks, the flowers and boulders sprinkled throughout the scene are gathered and crafted from sand found from the banks of Lake Brienz.

The chalet and figurines are hand-carved from locally sourced wood and hand-painted, which makes them original and unique. With the quartz clock, there is no need for winding, and the clock’s cuckoo sound is a high-quality recording. The weights are for aesthetic purposes and are made of solid iron. 

Night feature : A manual switch that allows you to turn off the cuckoo sounds without interrupting the clock movement.

Quartz movement with a cuckoo call on the full hour. This model is powered by two ‘C’ batteries.

Size : 27 x 29 cm (10.5 x 11.5 in)

Please note: All Loetscher quartz clocks come with a 2 year warranty and free delivery - world wide. Please check with sales for full details.

  • Traditional
  • 27cm / 11″ tall
  • Quartz
  • Cuckoo only
  • Manual
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