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Cuckoo clock with Beer drinkers

Cuckoo clock with Beer drinkers

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Product no. 8TMT27339

A superb Cuckoo clock with a sloping roof constructed from hand laid shingle tiles. The beer drinkers raise their glasses as the Cuckoo calls. Other decoration Includes twin Fir trees on either side of the case, a bench and dog. The water wheel turns as the music plays. Plays (twin melody) music, with dancing figurines that turn on a platform.

8 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour.

Automatic night off.

This clock has been discontinued. As at 19/1/2019 there is 1 left on stock. Please check with sales prior to ordering.

Anton Schneider
  • Traditional
  • 45cm / 18″ tall
  • 8 day mechanical
  • Music & actions
  • Automatic
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