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Cuckoo clock with beer drinker

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Product no. 679

A small house in the Forest with  man lifting his beer glass and a bird moving in the tree as the cuckoo calls. Detailed carving on the case.

One of our most popular clocks as this cuckoo clock benefits from having one of the new 1 day movements with an automatic night shut-off.

The clock can be set to call during the day, but will automatically go quiet at night.

1 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour.

Automatic night off.

January 2023.

Please note this clock has been discontinued so please check with sales prior to ordering as stock may be limited.

Anton Schneider
  • Traditional
  • 25cm / 10″ tall
  • 1 day mechanical
  • Actions
  • Automatic
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