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Seesaw and puppy, Cuckoo clock

Seesaw and puppy, Cuckoo clock

Product no. 2253
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This Emmental style Cuckoo clock has a seesaw centred just above the face of the clock. As the clock’s tic's the seesaw moves up and down. On the left is a little dog house that is covered with beautiful flowers with a small puppy sheltering inside.

The stones at the feet of the flag pole are collected from around the Brienz mountains and the flowers are made of sand that is carefully collected from the banks of Lake Brienz and coloured by hand.

Finally, a chimney sweep’s head appears from the chimney each time the cuckoo bird calls.

1 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour.

Manual night-off.

Size : 26 x 23 cm (10 x 9 in)

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  • Traditional
  • 26cm / 10″ tall
  • 1 day mechanical
  • Actions
  • Manual
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