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The White Chalet Cuckoo clock

The White Chalet Cuckoo clock

Product no. 2119M
Apart from slightly longer lead times, all our manufacturers are now back in production and clocks are being despatched as usual.

If your desire is to own a Loetscher Cuckoo clock that really stands out of from the rest, this Emmental-style chalet cuckoo clock offers a stylistic departure with its snow-coloured façade. Decorative curved wooden beams adorn the front of the house, their dark brown colour providing a lovely counterpoint to the white of the edifice–as do the red wooden window shutters. There is a waterwheel off to the left side protected by an extending roof. To the right of the waterwheel and behind a small slowing stream sits a sturdy wooden bench offering travellers and passersby a place to rest and enjoy the scenery. At every half hour music plays, sending our dancers waltzing merrily across the balcony.

Moving Elements : Dancing couples that twirl across the balcony as music plays.

Figurines and Ornaments : The figurines are hand-carved and hand-painted.

A manual switch that allows you to turn off the music and cuckoo sounds without interrupting the clock movement.

Music : Every half hour

1 day rack-strike movement with a cuckoo call on the half and full hour.

Size : 30 x 28 cm (12 x 11 in)

Please note: All Loetscher clocks come with a 3 year warranty and free delivery - world wide. Please check with sales for full details.

  • Traditional
  • 30cm / 12″ tall
  • 1 day mechanical
  • Music & actions
  • Manual
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