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The Wine makers Cuckoo clock

The Wine makers Cuckoo clock

Product no. 20158M
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This piece is modelled on an existing building in the Canton of Appenzell. There is a striking white walled tower and the lower floors of the chalet continue the theme. The three windows running up the face of the tower are adorned with flower boxes overflowing with colourful blossoms, and flanked by shutters painted a vivid red.

This chalet is a tribute to the Swiss wine making industry. At centre stage you’ll find a winemaker carrying a sack of freshly picked grapes, as well as a couple of elegant snow-white geese sunning themselves in the grass. Behind the winemaker, off to the right side of the scene, you’ll discover a traditional wine press.

A Saint Bernard dog, and his two puppies, can be found on stage left, standing on a platform. After the cuckoo calls on the hour the platform the dog’s are standing begins to rotate as do the platform of dancers on the top.

Finally, as with all Loetscher chalet Cuckoo clocks, the decorative flowers and geraniums are crafted from sand pebbles found on the banks of Lake Brienz.

Moving Elements : Dancing couples that twirl across the balcony as music plays.

Figurines and Ornaments : The figurines are hand-carved and hand-painted.

A manual switch that allows you to turn off the music and cuckoo sounds without interrupting the clock movement.

Music : Every half hour

8 day mechanical mechanism.

Size: 40 x 48 cm (16 x 19 in)

Please note: All Loetscher clocks come with a 3 year warranty and free delivery - world wide. Please check with sales for full details.

  • Traditional
  • 38cm / 15″ tall
  • 8 day mechanical
  • Music & actions
  • Manual
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